Interesting workshop coming up:

Whether you call it social investment or impact investment, what are the distinguishing features of this type of investment and who are the key actors? We will explore social investment from both a domestic and international perspective during the evening and encourage engagement, conversation and lots of questions as we explore a topic of growing importance. Social enterprises often comment that they don’t know where to go to ask for help or what exactly is available in the world beyond grants. One of the comments often made by investors is that those seeking capital ask for the wrong “type” of capital from the wrong investor. We will focus on identifying who’s who in the world of social investment.  Hopefully some clarity around the key players will help everyone navigate the area more efficiently, and then at the November forum we’ll be ready to dive into the confusion around the different types of investment! Please join us as we explore the web of social investment.

I went to the first one and mentioned co-operatives. Donkey Wheel were very responsive and made sure they included co-ops and mutuals in the conversation. Investment is a key issue for social enterprises. Worth going along to but make sure you eat before you arrive.

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