Building a future for Broadmeadows …

Earthworker, an Australian co-operative start-up is very excited about the latest issue of The Record:

Catholic newspaper in Western Australia (31 May 2013), The Record, leads with an article by Peter Rosengren on worker co-operation via the Mondragon model. Earthworker is very excited to see this report. Mondragon is a great worker-owner model.Click for more.

The inspiration of Father José María Arizmendiarrieta, who helped found Mondragón Corporation, lives on (as outlined here by the US-based Freelancers Union):

He was a young Catholic priest in the Basque region of Spain who established a technical college to train engineers and managers for local companies and cooperatives. Under his guidance, a group of graduates in 1956 founded Mondragón, whose first product was paraffin heaters. The company grew to become a federation of cooperatives that’s now the seventh-largest company in Spain, with nearly 84,000 employees and revenues of more than $20 billion. Mondragón’s main goal has always been employment, and I think it would be worth a conversation with Father José María to see how he would approach the gig economy. What does full employment mean, now?

With the manufacturing base depleting in Australia many will be asking this question.

Also in the US we can see that the Evergreen Co-Ops are similarly inspired by the Mondragón vision.

This blog will actively consider the options in Australia and beyond.