Prof. Tim Mazzarol (University of Western Australia)

Prof. Tim Mazzarol (University of Western Australia)

Join Australia’s leading co-operative and mutual enterprise (CME) academic Tim Mazzarol with Jude Perera, MP, fresh from his sojourn in the co-operative mecca of Mondragon and Julie Markoff Miller of bHive Bendigo at the quirky Kelvin Club for an evening of lively discussion:

  • Understand the opportunities that the evolving co-operative business model provides
  • Overcoming the co-operative entrepreneurship and investment challenges – local economic development from Mondragon to Bendigo
  • Mutualising our economy for common good impact.

MC: co-op nerd Antony McMullen

Please note that the ‘neat casual’ Kelvin Club dress code applies to this event.

It’s been a while since The Future is Co-operative: making mutual enterprise happen.

Australians are finding out that the existing mutual economy contributes more to Australia’s GDP than mining, construction or manufacturing. While some co-ops are winding up in Victoria, there is also a renaissance of co-operatives in full swing with co-operative enterprises like bHive in Bendigo leading the charge. Longstanding international examples of community and employee owned enterprise like Mondragon are being discussed in the mainstream for the first time. Platform co-ops are being built that will, it is hoped, in time challenge the predominance of the investor-owned business model in areas such as ride and room sharing to build generative local economies. It’s a time of great challenge, but also great promise. Time for a discussion before things go quiet at Christmas!

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Been a long hiatus for CoopWorkshop – expect more action in 2018.