Antony McMullen

Antony McMullen – CoopWorkshop founder

Enterprise has to be part of the solution to social problems, and civil society is the glue needed to bring us together. We are at our best when we do not view ourselves as simply a group of individuals pursuing self-interest or, at the other end of the scale, when we abrogate all responsibility to the state. – Antony McMullen

Antony McMullen was employed as the Social Enterprise Catalyst with the Culture and Context unit of the Uniting Church (Victoria and Tasmania) when putting together CoopWorkshop. The position included assisting a co-operative social enterprise project that aims for sustainable job creation – Earthworker. The role also offered advice and education to support social enterprise within the Church and diverse associated entities. This was to foster a collaborative environment for new socially innovative endeavors.

Previous to the role of Social Enterprise Catalyst Antony served for seven years as a Social Justice Officer with the Justice and International Mission (JIM) unit. Antony attended graduate studies in Social Impact in 2010 where he was the recipient of a competitive AMP scholarship; and was subsequently awarded the ‘Social Impact – Entrepreneurs and Social Innovation’ prize for all round excellence.

Antony was later employed as Director of Creative Ministries Network (CMN), a charitable UnitingCare agency, inspired to embody the gifts of reconciliation, justice and healing, through serving people, families and communities suffering work-related harm, and by supporting and developing creativity at work for the common good.

After working with the Uniting Church in Australia for more than 10 years, Antony is pursuing his passion for cooperative entrepreneurship and is undertaking freelance policy and organisational development work. He undertakes work with Employee Ownership Australia (Communications and Member Development) and Catholic Social Services Victoria (Policy Advisor). He irregularly blogs at Distribusi. More recent activity can be found on this page.

Workshop Founding Friends and Peers

The Culture and Context Unit of the Uniting Church in Australia helped found this site. In addition, Earthworker Co-operative and various people involved with the Australian International Year of Co-operatives in 2012 were highly supportive. These three are referenced here as Workshop Founding Friends.

In addition a number of people prominent or involved in the mutual and co-operative sector pledged their support to the CoopWorkshop as Workshop Peers.

The Culture and Context unit of the Uniting Church (Victoria and Tasmania) have generously gifted this site to support the broader development of the solidarity economy.